Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stuff It....Stuff It Real Good

The local Fox station has an annual campaign called "Stuff The Bus". The station is collecting new school supplies for the children of Cleveland and East Cleveland schools. The supplies will be taken to the Cleveland Resource Center, which is operated by the Kids In Need Foundation. The supplies are sorted and placed on shelves. Teachers from all of Cleveland and East Cleveland schools will then be invited on scheduled days to come and get the free supplies for their students. And teachers say this means the world to the kids. Without the help of generous people, many students would have to go without. Last year, thanks to so many generous viewers -- Fox 8 filled four school buses with supplies.

This year Aimee mentioned getting some supplies to TriGuyJT who works at Fox 8 thinking that the bus stuff was next week. Watching the morning show we realized it was TODAY. Aimee shrugged it off as not doable. But the bug was planted in my feeble little mind. She didn't realize that I would be at a customer near downtown. I could head over to Steelyard Commons, purchase some supplies, and drop them off at the station.

So by 11:30 I had stopped by Staples and loaded up the car.

I was at the station in no time where the volunteers grabbed my stuff and loaded the bus. I spoke with one person and he said they were on their fifth bus already after 6.5 hours of donations.
So I leave you with this........
300 two pocket folders: $29
2 boxes of copier paper: $50
10 packages of filler paper: $9
120 pens and 216 pencils: $20
Thank-you's and a good feeling: Timeless
A childs education: Priceless
Why.....Because I Can


triguyjt said...

hey eric...
its so cool that you mobilized in a short time and zipped to the station... i missed you... was there from about 6am to 9:30am and we were on our 2nd bus... i am so glad you helped out big guy....

its a great event and it does so much good.... thanks for your generosity....

TriSaraTops said...


You rock.

I had no idea they were doing this! I haven't watched TV in a bit....oops. What a fantastic cause.

Thanks for being a good person! Those kids really will put those to use!