Saturday, December 06, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Despite the cold temperatures in Northern Ohio I packed up the mountain bike and headed to Findley State Park for some riding. I took the camera for some pics of the trails. Enjoy.

Oh yeah....that's the temp before and after my ride. I was only gone 1 hour.

Trail Map

Do you see those deer eyes peering back at me? I saw at least 20 deer.

Double teeter-totters

Practice your balance on this log or bypass to the left.

This guy has been sitting there for the past 3 years. No one ever bothers him.

Four or five years ago I was riding this frozen creek with Pat and Linda during one of the coldest and most enjoyable winter rides.....ever.

Looking back at the downhill and creek crossing.
Aimee, Dale and I are going to a night trail run this evening. Another cold one outside.
And loving every minute of it.


DaisyDuc said...

Looks so awesome...I want to go right now!!! I have never been to Findley to mtn bike but it looks like I will have to check it out!

Dan said...

Cool pics -- makes me wish I hadn't sold my mountain bike a few years back. Actually, no it doesn't... I wiped out all the time. Cool pics, though!