Thursday, December 18, 2008

Off Season Swimming

You are supposed to work your weaknesses during the off season. So I decided to get a tune up on my swim stroke last week. Biker Chick (Aimee) has been taking lessons recently with a coach at Liquid Lifestyles.

I decided to have Leah look at my stroke and offer some tips/corrections. Overall things are good but we discussed what she saw and agreed that some changes were necessary. Small items like head and hand positions, recovery, body angle, arm extension.

I've been doing drills during each swim session in order to start the "change" in my stroke. I'm noticing improvements already. I've reduced my stroke count by two already.

This mornings swim was more of the same. Drills, pulling, and two 400's with negative splits.

The first 400 was a 3:07 and 2:58 for each 200. The second 400 was a 3:05 and 2:51.5 for each 200. I put the half second in there because I like the idea of being close to 2:50 for 200 yards.

Overall I was very happy with the swim. there should be some improvement in my swim times during the summer.

Game On.

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triguyjt said...

Its a wonder you are dropping your swim times since you have become a facebook freak !!! ;-) LOL