Monday, February 16, 2009

Finding Time To Be at Peace

This past weekend was a hectic one. Places to go, people to see. Valentines day was the worst of all with the running around we had to do. But no matter what we always find time to workout....and enjoy it. Saturday morning was no exception. We met our friend Dale in the Cleveland Metroparks for a morning run. The snow was coming down lightly and had covered the trails and path with a white blankie.

Dale and Aimee ran together on the path while I ran on the bridal trails. I became absorbed in my run and it almost reached a meditative state. I had also taken my camera along to capture the morning. I put together this video of pictures to share with my friends. Despite what alot of people say about hating the snow and cold of winter, I have really embraced the weather and enjoy the scenery. Make sure you are looking around during your runs outside. I hope you have beautiful parks to use like we do in Cleveland.

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iRuniFly said...

Running in the snow can be amazing. It's even prettier with the wooded areas you were able to run through.