Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two for Tuesday - Exciting Time for Tri-ing

I would have to look back in my post listing to see when I last posted a TfT but two things, or people, have "inspired" me today.


I can't help but make sure everyone who reads my blog knows about Shawn. She found my blog and boy am I glad. I have enjoyed following her journey towards completing the Lavaman Tri on March 29. The Queen songs in my playlist are mainly for her because Another Has Bitten the Dust and joined the movement towards triathlon. Yes, Shawn became a full fledged triathlete once she toed the start line in Kona as part of Team in Training. By making it to the start line she pushed herself through workouts and training that would have beaten down other people. But Shawn had, actually has, the guts and determination to follow through and reach her goal.

I love reading race reports from people that are new to triathlon. I get excited through their reports and remember the thrill and joy of racing that I have experienced. These reports help me keep the fire burning while I train and race. Check out her race report from Lavaman. She went through so much before, during and after the race I'm hoping, nah...I know, she finds the humor in what happened surrounding her big race.

With one race behind her she is already looking towards the future. More races, loosing weight, improving her fitness, enjoying this wonderful family of triathletes. Game On Shawn. This Bud's for you Miss Purple Haired Freaky Swimcap Sharklike Triathlete. Well.....maybe not a Bud...you are still training.....maybe an O'Doules.......nah.....stick with Gatorade......with some CarboPro. Yeah...that's the ticket.


You don't know TriSaraTops yet? Where have you been? She's is a great blogger and loves sharing her little tidbits of life with us all.

So what can I say about my tri-sister TriSaraTops. Oh I would probably use too many adjectives and start to sound all mushy and effiminate. So I'll stick with "She Rips Tri's like a Rock Star"...."She's Uber Cool"...."She's a Tri Studdette". I know you're laughing Sara.

Seriously, I'm just happy to have her as a friend. Last year Sara started a mini Evo-Tri group at her high school. I called it the Evo-Kids, not to be confused with "emos" who shouldn't be confused with the goths who hate vamps.....well that's what I learned on Southpark....I digress. I helped her with a couple of workouts with these young ladies. I was able to race and watch them at their first triathlon. My hat is off to Sara for everything she did for these kids.

I'm excited that she wants me to help with this years Evo-Kids as well. She is firing up the band wagon and hoping to get more area schools involved. Just as Shawn above has found the fun and excitement of triathlon at 40, I want to help bring more young blood into the sport.

Last year is was all girls. This year we are hoping for more interest from the boys. Hopefully several area high school coaches will help spread the word. I'm really excited by what could happen this summer. I'm going to help Sara as much as I can, but I will surely be riding on her coat tails as she is super organized and is a woman on a mission. I like it.

Game On Shawn and Sara. Female triathletes rock. I should know....I'm married to one.


Shawn said...

Wow! thank you so much for the mad props! I can't tell you how much that means to me!

TriSaraTops said...

Okay, so I was totally laughing in the part you said I was! ha ha

Thanks for those kind words--you and Aimee are like my big TriBro and Sis, and I really value our friendship! Can't wait to have some more fun with the "next generation" triathletes this summer. Thanks for being a great friend!