Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just a typical weekend

Around our house summer weekends involve training, especially when it will eventually benefit racing a Half IM triathlon. Next on our schedule is The Dam Tri and then Musselman Half. The big race is Musselman. The Dam Tri is a training day.

So this weekend I used as an overload weekend. Friday was to be a morning run followed by a brick workout with the EvoTri teens with my best tri chicka TriSaraTops. Unfortunately the morning rain was not helping the matter and we had to cancel.

I did manage to get a run in after work. I went to Findley State Park and ran the 8 mile mountain bike trail. It was a great end to the week and allowed me to clear my head. I also came up with an idea for my next big endurance event. Lot's of options so I had, and still have, time to figure it out completely.

Being a late day run I knew my legs would be tired come Saturday morning, brick day. But the Cleveland weather wasn't playing nice again. Rain was falling at a steady pace and riding outside was not an option. So Aimee and I set up the trainers in the garage and picked a good workout.

2 hours on the bike consisting of:

4 x 8 minutes at 90 - 100 RPM - good intensity followed by 7 minutes off.

6 x 2 minutes big gears standing....climbing - 3 minutes off.

After 1:45 of riding I got off and went out for a ride on my road bike. The rain had stopped and I could do my final hour on the road. Back at home I finished with a 3 mile run. It was a good 3.5 hour brick.

As much as we didn't want to ride on the trainer I am glad we did. Having a specific goal in mind and executing it can reap more benefit that just going out for a ride unless you have the discipline to do the workout on the road.

After the brick we showered and ate lunch. Aimee was making goodies for fathers day picnic as her dad's house. I fell asleep on the couch....HARD. I was out like a light.

When I woke up it was Aimee's turn to nap and I put some laundry away and did some miscellaneous things around the house.

After dinner we got our crap together for Sundays events.

  • Half marathon run
  • Post run breakfast
  • Dads day picnic at her dads

  • Half Marathon Run
  • Golf with my dad and son
  • Dads day cook-out at our house.
The Half Marathon was an opportunity to run some great miles with friends and be fully supported by a local race director. I ran with Jason, Liz and Larry. We had a great time with fn conversation. We were almost having too much fun. Jason and I crossed the finish line with the clock showing just over 1:50. We both wanted to run some slower miles and after the Friday/Saturday combo my legs weren't going to carry me much faster.

The most enjoyable moment of the day was watching our friend Kim complete her first half marathon. She was putting in the time and each time I saw her she looked like she was enjoying herself. After the race we were talking and I told her how proud I was of her.

Kim unfortunately was laid off several weeks ago. It's been rough for her dealing with it as I could only imagine. She told me that running has helped her deal with the feelings of anxiety that accompanies stress like this.

I was glad to hear that her running was helping so much. I know I feel better after a good workout.

For the rest of the day I had a great time with my dad and son golfing. It was my first time out for the year and I played okay. Back at my house I prepped the burgers for the cook-out and waited for my parents and brother to arrive. We had a great time eating, drinking and talking.

As tired as I am it has been a great weekend.

Recovery day tomorrow includes a visit to the witch doctor for some accupuncture.

Game On.

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Cyndi said...

HOLY cow...I swear every time I read about your workouts, I am exhausted by the end!

Checked out the EvoTri site - pretty cool stuff and a great way to motivate young people to be active. Love that!