Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Blogiversary

It's kind of hard to believe that I started this blog 4 years ago on New Years Eve 2005. A lot has happened over the past four years. Many race reports, many revelations, many trials and tribulations.

Many friendships have been made.....some have stayed....some have moved on.

In 2006 I competed in my first Ironman at Lake Placid. Along the way I raised money for the Susan G. Komen foundation and was introduced to Bolder in Boulder, Tri-Geek Kahuna and IronWil.

In 2007 I whipped out a fast Half Iron race and fought the physical and emotional battles of trying to run long. Somehow I managed to complete my first solo marathon. I trained for the first time in Boulder, CO and fell in love with the area.

In 2008 I went long again at Ironman Wisconsin (Mooooooo). I continued to learn more about who I am as a competitive triathlete and person. I lost a friend to ovarian cancer. Ran the Bolder Boulder 10k. My daughter graduated from high school and matured very well over a short period of time....very proud of her.

In 2009 I had my best racing year to date. Stellar performances at sprint, Olympic and half-iron distances allowed me to push the limits of my mind. "Push the Mind and the Body Will Follow" became my go to phrase. I also "Hardened the F' Up". I also competed in the American Triple-T. My son graduated from college....another "child" to be very proud of.

Over the course of four years many people have stopped by to say hi and read my occasional rambling. i just like to write and be creative. Hopefully someone understands the message I am trying to convey, laugh a little, learn something about me..triathlon..or life.

Here's to an exciting 2010.

Game On


Christi said...

I have not been reading your blog very long but I have been loving it! Keep up the good work and if you are ever in Colorado again let me know! We can do the Bolder Boulder together!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Yep, your a stud

Congrats on the anniversity and happy new years