Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Moment of Weakness

Everyone has a weakness. But it's really a matter of how strong is a person to admit/accept that weakness. Even more so how committed is one to correcting the weakness.

There are many weaknesses out there that usually fall into two categories: mental and physical.

I know I have mental weakness. I'm a procrastinator. I actually find myself doing my best work under an intense deadline and within a short period of time. I also procrastinate if I don't have a huge interest in the task. There may be other things that are more fun to work on or do.

I also think I've developed an ADD type of mental weakness. It's not the chemical imbalance ADD that is treated with Ritlin. No, I'm talking about the lack of focus that many people are now displaying because of technology. How many distractions do I encounter during a single day?

  • Work e-mail where people are expecting immediate answers.
  • Personal e-mail that I check way too often.
  • Instant messaging.
  • Cell phone calls.
  • Text messages.
  • Blog posts - writing and reading.
  • Youtube videos
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Weblinks that lead to more weblinks
  • Television
  • Radio

Yeah.....the good old USA has become the United States of ADD.

I've been getting better about my mental focus. I go off-line with my e-mail and only update it 2 or 3 times a day. I shut down the personal instant stays active. I'm writing down a to do list. It's time to get my head in the game.

It's hard to believe an Ironman triathlete would have any physical weaknesses. It all depends upon how you look at it and what forces the revelation. For me it was a 5k+ at the beginning of October.

What is a 5k+? It was a Crossfit Cleveland event recommended by a couple of our friends.

The workout was to do the following:

Run 500 meters
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

Repeat 10 times.

The numbers don't look to intimidating until you look at the finals stats.

Run 5k....5000 meters
50 pull-ups
100 push-ups
150 squats.

I did okay. Finished in just over 37 minutes. The pull-ups and push-ups are what killed me.

I am not the strongest in the upper body. I really don't like to lift weights. I've tried to follow a lifting routine several times only to fall of it completely out of boredom or the better weather of spring. I hate to spend a workout indoors lifting weights when I could instead be outside running or riding.

Anyways, my upper body was pretty shot by the end of the 5k+. My legs were fine. My chest and biceps were screaming. I completed everything in just over 37 minutes....about 10 minutes after the first finisher.....and about 20 seconds ahead of Aimee. Aimee paced herself much better than I and was able to do the upper body exercises better than I since she teaches Body Sculpting two times a week.

Yeah....Aimee did great.

We did the 5k+ on Saturday morning. I was fine for the rest of the week, but starting Monday DOMS showed up. You know who DOMS is.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

The only problem with this is that I was not experiencing muscle soreness. It down right f*ck!n' hurt!

I was messed up for a week.

I couldn't straighten my arms because the biceps were tight.
I was having a hard time reaching back to put on my jacket.
I had to bend over in the shower to wash my hair.
I was rolling out of bed because I couldn't push myself up.
I borrowed my neighbors tractor to cut the grass because I couldn't pull start my own lawnmower. Even then I had a hard time steering and the bumps in the yard made my pectoral muscles bounce up and down......ooooo that hurts.

I will never forget what that felt like. I never want to feel that again.

So what do I do to after I recovered from my 5k+?

I joined Crossfit Cleveland.

I needed these workouts.

I wanted these workouts.

As I approach my 43rd birthday I do need to incorporate strength training into my workouts. I also know this will improve my overall fitness. My core will be stronger and my endurance will improve.

I've been hitting the workouts twice a week and am also trying to do one at home on the weekend.

I can tell it's helping. My push-ups and pull-ups are coming along. Aimee is noticing some changes also.

So yeah......find a weakness and do something about it. It will make you a better person.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

wow, i'd be scared to try that 5k+! Bet with the Crossfit training you're doing, you'll have a sweet PR next time 'round!

Trisaratops said...

That rocks!!! Way to go.

I need to definitely be better about weights and core after this kid comes around. Keep on me, too--by March after all that Crossfit you should be able to whoop my butt pretty good if I slack off, right? ha ha

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I dabbled with crossfit too, I personally enjoy weights, but with time pressed and I have to either decided on a run or weights, I always picked the s/b/r workout. Crossfit is good because they are short intense workout that are designed to get you in and out as quick as possible.

Anonymous said...

Here, here! Focusing on my core and UB strength while recovering from injury most definitely paid off for me. I am now addicted to doing planks - who'd a thunk it? ;-)

Christi said...

A friend of mine swears by Crossfit and I am not going to argue with her. She is wicked strong now!

Anonymous said...

It agree, very good information

triguyjt said...

I am doing crossfit too...mostly on an improvised..personal basis..but it really feels good to knock out those WOD's.

might do conventional weights once a week... love crossfit...

pullups are real tough for me...

Dan said...

Instead of just lurking I though I'd leave a comment. I've been thinking about joining the local Crossfit club here. The only thing stopping me is, what do I give up in order to have the time to get to the classes? Swimming, biking, or running? Or do I spend less time with my wife? I don't think she would like that last one. Maybe with some careful schedule adjustments I can make it work.