Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Photos - Week 7

2/12/10 - I had a great morning visit with the witch doctor. My right hammie was feeling much better after some deep massage.

2/13/10 - Fortunately we don't have any icicles on our house hanging from the gutters. But I liked this small one out the back door.

2/14/10 - Valentine's Day morning I was able to spend with the best group of lovely ladies I could ask for. Spending time with good friends running snowy winter trails....priceless. I love each one of them.

Tina, Mandie, Amy, Gina, Mary, Aimee, Cristi

2/15/10 - No....I'm not the man. I am showing off my retro Snakebite jersey from 2001. The team does a spin session every Monday at Ride + Workout. It's only $5 to drop in and have some fun.

2/16/10 - I went down to Huntington beach to take some pictures of Lake Erie. This is from the beach looking out over the frozen lake. On January 1 we plunged into the icy waters. Today we would have to walk a ways to find open water.

2/17/10 - I took the camera to the pool so I could get video of Aimee and I......swimming. Managed to get this pic as well.

2/18/10 - I walked around the house to make sure everything looked good. Ice, shingles, water damage. Just to make sure. I liked the view of the weather vane blowing in the wind with the clouds floating by.

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Christi said...

I really like the photo of the swim goggles.