Monday, February 15, 2010

Race Reports?!?!?!?!

Um yeah. Apparently I have two race reports to write. The only question now is which one to write/post first.

Is it the winter trail run that was four weeks ago and is slipping from my memory?

Or is it the winter trail run from yesterday that is fresh in my mind.

Either way the of accomplishment lasts for days.

Well let's start with the Winter Run for Regis. This trail run was January 17th in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The run used to be on part of the Buckeye Trail but the new location is very nice. The shelter is much better and the surrounding trails are great.

Personally I liked the old course better because it had more of a trail run feel to it. The Buckeye Trail is just more rugged and out there.

Regardless this is a fun run with some great people. The new course is centered around the Virginia Kendall Area. Aimee, Dale and I had trained on the course several times to see what the terrain would be like.

Hills. Lots of them. Rolling hills. Steep hills. Up hills. Down hills. We were in a valley.

Race day the course was snow covered. The temperature wasn't too bad where I wore a base layer, long sleeve shirt and a wind vest. I wore my lightest tights since I wouldn't go with shorts like some of the crazy ultra runners.

We assembled outside for the start and Tanya just says "Go". Not too many people heard her so I started running and yelling at people to go.

Holy Crap!!! I was leading the race. That lasted until we got to the first downhill and I was passed. It was very technical and icy so I was being cautious. Okay so now I was in 3rd place.

No problem. Just running the trails and having fun. Part way through another section I was passed by two more guys. 5th place. Whatever. This is a fun run and placement really doesn't matter. There are absolutely no prizes for this run.

So 5th place is where I would be for the remaining 11 miles. By myself. Running alone. Except for the ultra runners. When I was finishing the 8 mile loop the ultra runners had finished the 5 mile loop and were heading out on the 8 mile loop.

I made it back to the shelter and checked in with the volunteers. They keep great track of everyone for safety reasons. I got some food and water and headed back out. The five mile loop is a lolli-pop with a section taking you out and a big loop. I really didn't see people again until I was heading back towards the shelter. Coming up the last big hill someone took my picture. I had to start running up the hill so it wouldn't look like I was walking.

Great picture though. My glasses are all fogged up. I only had about 1.5 miles to go at this point and I was so done. My right knee (ITB) was starting to bother me but I pushed through it, which I don't recommend, and was happy for any flat section.

I passed Aimee and Dale heading out to the loop and gave Aimee a quick kiss.

At the shelter I finished 2:05:30. This put me in 5th place where I was for the past 11 miles. IF they had age groups....IF they awarded overall places.....IF this was a race instead of a run I would have won my age group because the other 42 year old was second overall 5:30 ahead of me. I guess he couldn't catch the 18 year old kid ahead of him......7 minutes ahead.....and the kid ahead of me was 16. Good for them.

Overall I liked the course. The trails are wider and had a more solid base for traction. The snow wasn't loose like last years race when it felt like we were running in sand. The course still beat us up pretty good. A couple of the ultra guys said they were feeling it several days later.

I still like the old course but that is neither here nor there. I told Tanya I liked the old course because you could see more people because of the out and back.

Her response....."Run slower" I laughed and agreed with her. Unfortunately...or is it fortunately....I learned something that day. I will most likely never be an ultra runner because of the "slow" factor. To run an ultra you need to slow down. I just don't know if I can do that.

My knee is pretty much recovered now. So my next race report will be for the winter trail run I did yesterday. I know I can get it written by the end of the week. I just know it.

I think I can..I think I can....I think I can.

Game On.


Christi said...

I like your race photo!

allanjel said...

Nice job on the BT50K race and report! Now don't be a slacker and HTFU and get your other report done...hehehe :)

Tamara said...

Great job, looks and sounds like a fun winter race!