Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Photos - Week 5

1/29/10 - Friday is a rest day for me. The laundry was all put away so if I can I put up my feet up and rest the legs.

1/30/10 - We attending the wedding for one of Aimee's ex-clients and friend. It was a very nice time at the wedding and reception.

1/31/10 - The first indoor triathlon for the Cleveland Tri Club was held. I volunteered for the race and took photos. Here are some of the runners getting as far as they can in 20 minutes.

2/1/10 - I managed to get this photo as I got in my car. The crisp clean air provided some great color.

2/2/10 - Why is it that each time I travel I wake up to fresh snow outside my window?

2/4/10 - Can you guess what type of ethnic neighborhood I was walking through? O solo mio...

2/5/10 - I liked the shadow the wind chime cast from the early morning sun.


Christi said...

All great photos!

MissFit Island said...

Each one is great. I cannot pick a favorite.