Thursday, May 27, 2010

Triple T - Race #1

Race #1 for the Triple T was on Friday evening at 5PM. Like who really races on a Friday night? Well, when you need to get in four races in three days you race when you can.

The Super Sprint race is a good warm-up for the weekend. After traveling a majority of the day, 5 hour drive, its nice to loosen up and shake out the skills for the rest of the weekend.

The distances are pretty short but we need to be done quickly.

A 250 yard swim, 5 mile bike and 1 mile run.

My goals for the weekend was to take some time off each race and get close to or under 11 hours cumulative time.

Once I got my transition area put together I made my way to the beach and met up with Ben, Mark and Linda. We took our pre-race picture.

I didn't wear a wetsuit for the short swim but some people did. The water was cold but not terrible. It would be a such a short swim.

I lined up for the time trial start and was ready to get the weekend rolling.

I charged into the water and dove right in. Here I am just before diving in.

I quickly got into a stroke pattern that had me breathing each stroke on the right side. My arms were cold but they were moving so much they quickly warmed up.

I was out of the water in 4 minutes and through T1 in just over 1 minute. I jumped on the bike and rode the 5 mile uphill/downhill course in 11:27. I felt great going uphill and kept a good strong pace.

Entering and exiting T2 in 32 seconds I was ready for a quick 1 mile run.

The run course took us over a grassy section that was very muddy. I stayed to the sides on the route to avoid the mud. This section was going to be a complete mess by the end of the weekend.

I finished the mile run in 6:32 and you can see the mud splatter on my legs. Some people had mud between their shoulder blades.

One of the creeks that feeds the lake is right at the finish line. People were settling in for some cold water therapy and to clean off the mud.

Overall I finished 66th in 24:06 and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

One down....three to go.


Christi said...

Great job!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I Love It!!!

This is soooo on my bucket list!!!

Have you decided on Cedar Point yet?

Matty O said...

Awesome! It seems like a great ice breaker for the weekend!

triguyjt said...

you are a beast!!