Wednesday, November 03, 2010


The first frost of the year settled over Northern Ohio last night. We woke up with the thermometer reading 25 degrees. I ran over to Coca Crossfit for my morning workout. Kate has been fighting with the gas company and still didn't have any heat for the box. With the inside temp. at 48 degrees I kept my hat and gloves on for the WOD. By the fifth and final round I did take them off.

After I got ready for work I was heating up the car and saw an opportunity to take some pictures.

Our rose bushes still had flowers and were kissed with frost.

Our Bird's Nest Spruce sports the frosty look very well.

Unfortunately the mums won't last much longer with the cold weather and frost.


Christi said...

Awesome photos!`

MissFit Island said...

Those pix are worth framing they ar that pretty!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

THe frost has hit Central Ohio as well.

Kevin said...

Great Pics! The flower is really pretty