Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good doggies

I brought some breakfast up to Aimee this morning. Snickers (left) and Ruby (right) waited patiently for their portion. Unfortunately Aimee was too hungry to share. I didn't share either.

You can tell we are STARVING them to death.....NOT.

I was in PA working for a customer. The hotel rooms at Hyatt Place are very nice. The TVs have some very nice hookups. I've never used them but it's still a nice setup.

Last nights Crossfit WOD ripped the crap out of my hands. Knees to elbows on the pull-up rig. Two blisters on one hand and one blister on the other. Owwww.

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allanjel said...

Seems a great many of us starve and mistreat our dogs ;0)

I am certain if my golden met Snickers and Ruby they would have a HUGE bitch session about how they are underfed and all but forgotten -- LOL!