Thursday, June 15, 2006

Family & Friends Friday - Susan G Komen

In case you haven't paid close attention to my blog, and I mean reading my header or checking out my links, I am doing something special with my Ironman Training.

I have accepted the Janus Charity Challenge on behalf of the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I have chosen this charity because of the impact cancer has had on two people I know; Tina Hoban (fellow triathlete) and Chris Armstrong (co-worker of my wife, Aimee). Each has battled bravely through their cancer. Tina in fact is doing very well and is currently in training for Ironman Florida.

I hesitate making the request for donations but I have realized that this fund raising is bigger than I expected. I am simply relying upon the word getting out through my family and friends to visit my donation web site and help out.

Between my trilogy of family, work and training I don't have the time to do fund raising events and such. However, I am glad to report that so far I have donations o $2,115. My goal is $5,000.
I'm still working on getting more donations and this is the meaning of this post. If you feel inclined to donate to my charity please visit the Janus Charity website. Also, please forward this information to those you think may be interested in my charity.

If you make a donation in honor or support of a person please let me know something about that person. I am collecting names to carry with me on July 23rd. Either post a message on my blog or e-mail me at

I'm pleased to announce my first Blogland donation. Flatman had sent out a request for a bike part and I so happened to have that part. I "sold" him that part for a fair price since it was just sitting around in a box anyways. But then I started to think about it. I would have given it to him. I wasn't doing anything with it. I don't sell things on E-Bay or anything like that.

So unbeknownst to Flatman, I have taken his check for the bike part and made a donation on his behalf to the Susan G Komen foundation. I hope you don't mind Flatman.

I know there are many of us raising funds for different charities. CurlySu was/is a part of Team In Training. So I understand if you have already made donations to other charities.

Regardless, thanks for reading and considering my charity.


Bolder said...

a great cause. well done.

Curly Su said...

nice job. it's great to be doing this stuff for a reason other than yourself, eh?

greyhound said...

I'm in, in memory of my colleague's spouse, Carol Courtney.