Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Two for Tuesday - Training Food

TfT is back today because I actually have something to report/provide to everyone.

Gatorade Endurance
Yes that orange and yellow gold of endurance athletes. That drink of preference at triathlons, running and cycling events. Amazing how much advertising Gatorade is putting forth for a specialized sports drink. Yet as we all know we need to train for what is on course. But can it be more difficult to find it? I found a reliable source at our grocery retailer and they haven't let me down. But for the masses I share this little tidbit. A reliable source, Race promoter and director of the Greater Cleveland Triathlon (Mickey Ryzmik) says that Target is under "contract" to stock Endurance. I was successful at finding plenty of bottles on the shelves and the Target in North Olmsted. Do you hear me TriSaraTops and TriAl, TARGET in North Olmsted. So check out the shelves at your local store. Go to the link above for coupons and such from the website.

New to the Pop-tarts line of products I find these little packages of goodness perfect for stashing in your jersey pocket for bike fuel. My only complaint is there seems to be extra "crust" around the filling which tends to be dry, so you need extra Gatorade Endurance to wash it down.....wait is this some ploy between the two products? Makes you wonder. Anyways I will have a couple of these Go-Tarts in my special needs bag during my IM bike.

Now go out and shop. Have a great day.


Cliff said...

OMG...u are right..what a ploy...too bad i don't eat pop tarts on my long bike/run.

trifrog said...

I love the Gatorade Endurance ads:

"If you wake up at 4:00am but don't get to work until 9:00, then your hydration needs are probably more complicated than the average athlete."

"If you own your car and make payments on your bike..."

Didn't the Gatorade folks used to claim their original formula was perfect and scientific evidence proved it everytime a new competitor came along? I guess losing enough marketshare got them back in the lab?

Bolder said...

back in the day, and you know how old i am, so yah 'those days', pop-tarts were the original power bar, and we stashed them in our jersey for long rides.

you know when you are miles from home, and starving, and then you remember you're packin' pop tarts!

they sell them in the vending machines here at work, and i salivate every time i walk by them.

i'll try 'Go-tarts'.

have you tried 'Uncrustables?'

GE is nectar of the triathlon gods. enuf said.

Papa Louie said...

Tops in my neighborhood has the Gatorade Endurance drink. And guess what no HFC (high fructose cornsyrup)in the drink. It works for me.

TriSaraTops said...

WOO HOO!!! Guess where TriSaraTops is headin' tomorrow? Gotta fill up my STASH!

qcmier said...

Go tarts huh? Probably cheaper than Clif bars too.

I stocked up on the Gatorade Endurance from my local Target store.

DaisyDuc said...

Thanks for the info...it does seem rare that I can find the Gatorade Endurance!