Friday, June 09, 2006

Yes, I'm still around......

....but just haven't had time to post like I want. My three regular posts have fallen by the wayside, Two for Tuesday, What's Cookin' Wednesday and Family and Friends Friday. I'll managed to get back on track someday. Let's see if I can review the past week now that the hardware problems at blogger seem to have been corrected.

Friday 6/2: First day of Tri Camp with Eric Hodska. Swam 4000 yards, rode 2 hours, trail ran and did hill repeat HR test, lunch, trail run, bike time trial HR test.

Saturday 6/3: Second day of Tri Camp. Ride 80 miles with 1 hour run afterwards. No lake swim because of choppiness of the lake.

Sunday 6/4: Last day of tri camp, 2 hour trail run on the Buckeye Trail. Swim 2000 yards of drills and underwater video-taping

Monday 6/5: Sicker than a dog day. Caught a stomach virus from my coaches little boy and Diahrea and puking. Stiff muscles. Listless. All I could do was lay around the house and rest. So my rest day from the big weekend turned into a sick day.

Tuesday 6/6: Virus broke before midnight Monday so Tuesday I was able to catch-up on work and start to slowly eat again. No workout today as the stomach was still a little quezy.

Wednesday 6/7: Finally made it out of the house and to visit a customer. Good to get outside. My coach said to ride easy for 90 minutes. I didn't want to run to avoid jostling the stomach so ride was a great alternative. My fitness is starting to really show now. I got on my road bike and started to go. Once the legs got warmed up I took a nice ride out to Lorain and back. Tested out the newly paved road along the lake and I felt much better. I was holding 19-20 MPH using a 90-100RPM cadance and my HR barely made it to my zone 2. I was around 120 BPM....and this was after a two day rest from camp with a virus thrown in. Look out IM.

Thursday 6/8: Stomach still a little quezy at times but I'm out and about at customer sites and getting stuff done around the house. Got an e-mail from my coach telling me to slow down. This is a recovery week and she wants me to be totally rested and ready for the MedExpress Mountaineer Half IM Tri on June 25th. If I'm not feeling right I don't hesitate taking an extra day off. So today I skipped any workouts and cut the grass which is a nice 1 hour walk.

Friday 6/9: Family and Friends Friday has me going down to OU to pick up my son from school and bring him home for the summer. No workout today.

So much to talk about and never enough time. I hate to post after the fact but I'm sure some will come out, too good to not post.

Get some satisfaction from your weekend.


sid said...

so ur into cycling eh! cool

BuckeyeRunner said...

Get well soon! I was really sick last summer with the same sort of thing. It sucks!!! Try to enjoy your recovery week!

rob reddy said...

LOVE the Video - ONG just sitting here with my chin on my desk - the ladies in my office are completely repused by me now!!

DaisyDuc said...

Sounds like a busy tri camp! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Love the song, first time watching the video...where do they come up with this stuff??

Eric said...

I first heard this song on the Cable music channel. Was pleasantly surprised when I found the video.

Don't know what the video is about but, sometimes I really don't care.

TriSaraTops said...

Oh no! Sorry you puked your guts out. Sounds like you're still kicking ass though! Take it easy--I'm getting excited for your IM!!!

TriSaraTops said...

OK--this vid is cracking me up!!! Why hasn't Home Depot or Lowe's capitalized on this yet?!! ha ha

qcmier said...

Sorry about the bug. Hope you feel better.