Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stop reading and start posting

I somehow find it easier to read 10 blogs each day than post something on my own blog. But there are so many good blogs out there to read and you want to keep up with what so-and-so is doing and how training is going for this dudette and blah blah blah.

So what have I done lately.

Monday was a 4200 yard swim that felt great considering it had been just over a week since my last swim. I did the workout in 1:20:00. I was encouraged by that since I was only 24 yards shy of 2.4 miles, some intervals were above race pace and there were the 30-60 second rest periods between intervals/sets.

Tuesday I did some bike intervals early in the morning. It was 45 degrees out when I started so I put on tights, toe booties, long sleeved jersey and had a great ride. I share the workout with you because my coach says it is supposed to help build the lactate threshold. There is some lactate build-up with a period of flushing.

These are 2 mile intervals broken up as follows:
1/2 mile big chain ring and whatever cog you need for a 55-65 RPM spin, aero position.
1/2 mile big chain ring and whatever cog you need for a 55-65 RPM spin, standing...think hill climbing.
1/2 mile small chain ring, spinning high RPM 90+, I was hitting 105PM
1/2 mile easy to recover for next 2 mile interval.

I repeated this 6 times. I know I'm getting stronger because I maxed out my cassette and was pushing 70-75 RPM in the big gears.

Wednesday night I did hill repeats....8x90 second. I need the hills due to the course at Lake Placid. Again I felt great and had a total run on 1 hour.

Tonight I meet up with some club members for an open water swim in Lake Erie.

Tomorrow will be a special Family and Friends Friday, please don't miss it.

Go get your game on.


Cliff said...

oh..those low RPM and big chain ring will give u that burn for sure :) stuff.

greyhound said...

45 degrees!!! I'd sell body parts to be that cool again. My tights won't come out of hibernation until January, and then only rarely.

Dante said...

Now it's winter and being an noob cyclist, I had my first experience with the cold last weekend where I was totally unprepared...not sure if cycling=fun on those days yet.

You're training like a machine, keep posting our sessions, it's another source of inspiration for me.