Monday, November 27, 2006

Breaking the surface

I had a morning swim today. Up at 5AM and off to the Y. Lately I have been far from the first in the pool, usually opting to wait for a couple of the early quick swimmers to get out.

This morning entered the pool and saw this. Smooth water and no one else in the water.

In fact I did my 600 yard warmup by myself before Jason got in the pool. I don't mind sharing the pool, especially when it's Jason, Dave, Ann, Bob and Dan. It was a good swim this morning.


Clyde S. Dale said...

Hard to beat fresh water. Oh, wait that's powder. Oh well, nothing like solo swimming.

Flatman said...

Is that your pool?

Cliff said...

Tri Eric,

Check my post

I didn't realize we swim in the same pool :)

Jodi said...

There's nothing like a good swim early in the morning! However, after swimming solo for a week I have so much more respect for you guys that can pound out yardage without a team. 10,500 yards last week felt like an eternity without my lane buddies!


Tryingtotri said...

Eric..I haven't visited your blog with the holiday's and the link. your picture from vacation cracked me up...too funny

PS. I think I saw you riding on Sunday AM while running. I yelled to you but don't think you heard...or it wasn't you.

E Banks

Jeremy said...

Morning swim practice...good times! Brings back memories of my high school and college days.

Lana said...

Nice job getting to the pool early! I've got to get back to the pool myself.