Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sharing the Passion

Aimee got me back into running during 2000. We ran together while she learned how to run and increase her distances. Now she has three marathons under her belt, plus a half IM. For Christmas one year I got her this poster because we had ran together and also trained together for our first half IM.

Last night I ran with Aimee. Yeah, we usually run at different speeds but I really wanted to share the evening with her. It was an awesome run.

I really enjoy sharing the passion with Aimee. The passion of running, cycling, triathlon, marathon, cooking, traveling, gardening....enjoying life.

I hope you all have someone to share your passion with.

Game On.


Flatman said...


Jodi said...


I'm working on it...


Samantha B said...

I love that! There's nothing better in life than spending time with your significant other, doing what you both love to do!

Makes me remember to be grateful to have my husband.