Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year - Let's Tri

Happy New Year everyone. I just got back from the Cleveland Tri Club's Polar Plunge into the brisk waters of Lake Erie. The air and water temps were both mid 40's, around 43-45 degrees F.

This is my fourth year involved with the Club plunge....and I love it each time.

Aimee took some great pictures this year and I post them for you today.

A local TV station was on hand and gave us a good story. I'm in the far right opening shot.

Here I am leading the troops into the water. Time to "Charge"

Below is my friend Jason from the Y. He just recently joined the tri club and this is his first polar plunge. I think he enjoyed it.

Here's JT from JT's Tri-spot.

Matt and I took our time getting out of the nice waters of Lake Erie. Doesn't it look inviting?

Several people were a little late for the first wave into the lake. Considering these are some of my best and bloggiest friends I couldn't let them go in alone.

The second wave consisted of, from left to right, Elizabeth (e-speed, runwithme), me (TriEric), Jen (JenuineIMexperience), Alan (TriAl), and Sara (TriSaraTops).

Alan in a new member of my race team Snakebite Racing.

A portion of the Cleveland Tri-Blog Alliance trying to get warm.

JT, Elizabeth, Sara, Alan


Jodi said...

Great pics! What a great time- I think we are all a little bit crazy for thinking that, though!


TriSaraTops said...

OMG your face in the first pic is HILARIOUS!!!

Thanks for going in the second "wave" with me and TriAl! :) I heard "3-2-1" and was about 10 feet behind everyone...was so sad because I thought I wouldn't get to go in. Now THAT'S nuts--SAD to stay DRY???!! Only CTCers! ha ha

Laurie said...

Mmmmm. Hawt tri bodies.

Bolder said...

that is just insane.

you'll never have to prove your courage to me again!!!

E-Speed said...

awesome link! Great photos!

Papa Louie said...

Nice of you to lead the troops into the frigid waters. Maybe next year or some other time I just might join you guys.

Lana said...

You guys are some braves souls!!

qcmier said...

Cool pics.

Cliff said...

You guys are crazy....

someday i wanna join u :)

Triteacher said...

That is really cool! Another reason to be proud to call myself triathlete. (Without plunging into the water myself.:))