Sunday, January 14, 2007

Communing with Nature

Amazing what a week can mean for training. Remember my implosion and regaining of balance last weekend. I had a good trail run last Sunday on the Buckeye Trail. This weekend I had to work again but things went better and I was able to get in my trail run after work as I had planned. This week I had to be at my customer at 2:00AM. Hospitals can't do without their systems during the day. So I worked from 0200 - 1000, about 8 hours. With only one hiccup in the process things went well. I thought it would be interesting to get in my 1.5 hour run with only 4 hours rest before work.

I ran another section of the Buckeye Trail. This part will is the second half of the Buckeye Trail Half Marathon at the end of the month. The rain had come down in the area pretty hard. The rivers were running high so I knew of one creek crossing that would be flowing well. That and alot of mud on the trails.

As soon as I turned onto the trail the hill climb was slippery. There was water running down the middle of the path. I'm enjoying getting muddy. Splashing through the mud puddles. Ducking under trees. Jumping over logs.

I don't run with any music. I like to run by myself. I like to think about what I am doing. Keeping my pace where it should be. Staying in the HR zones where I need to be. Watching out for tree roots. Being careful where I place my feet. Taking the correct line on the trail.

I also think about people I know. Why I train. How I am improving. My "big" thought this trail run was how much I've been enjoying my current training. How much I've been enjoying getting muddy and loosing myself in the woods. I don't get lost literally, I just feel generally great about being out there.

I thought about IronKahuna at Tri-Geek Dreams. He's in a slump and needs some motivation. Go out and give him some love. I was a little slumped too but this trail running has helped alot. Maybe Kahuna needs something new in his training to get un-slumped.

It's the enjoyment of the trail running that has revitalized my training. Doing something off the beaten path. Getting into a unique area of running. That's how I got into triathlon. It wasn't something that everyone was doing at the time. I just like doing things that are a little becoming an Ironman.

So I'm revitalized with my training. My HR zones have increased by 5 beats. I'm feeling the benefits of the changes and looking forward to a good season.

So to share my enthusiasm here are some pictures from my trail run.

This is a picture of the creek that I would have to cross twice, out and back loop of course.

This is a picture I took of myself crossing the creek. Normally the water is only ankle deep. Almost to my knee this time. The water was cold but once you get going again the legs warm up again. Of course I stood in the water for about 1 minute in order to get a good picture, maybe not the smartest move. I could feel the grit from the water filling my shoes. I was on my way back anyways.

Post run: Oh yeah, that's mud all the way up to my knees.

Reason #15 to shave your legs.......the mud is easier to get off post trail run/mountain bike.

Game On


TriSaraTops said...

Looks awesome!

I feel like I am recharging as well. Signed up for the Dirty Dog 10K trail run with DaisyDuc--you guys want in? Matt's almost in commission again--he's slowly coming back, so he and I will hit the trails with ya anytime!

And I can try to keep up with you on my mountain bike, too...ha ha

John said...


Man...I miss those muddy Ohio creeks! Well, maybe not too much. Just don't get attacked by those killer carp.


JenC said...

I love trail running! I got out for a 40 minute run yesterday after the indoor tri at N. Chagrin and found a trail I hadn't done before. I was wet and muddy, but enjoyed every minute of it.

BuckeyeRunner said...


I am going to do the Cleveland Marathon and the Race for Recovery HIM as well. That will be my first HIM. any clue how big that race is?

DaisyDuc said...

Wow, I never realized how deep the water was you had to cross on that trail.

Kudos to your re-charging!!