Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Two for Tuesday - Similarities and When to Play

Welcome back TfT. I think I'm getting back into the groove of blogging. Inspiration has been hitting me at the oddest times for items to post.


This year I will be running my "first" marathon. I say first because last year it was an Ironman marathon. Training for this season is going well and I should have a good run on September 30th. I have been playing around with the idea of qualifying for Boston. My time to qualify is 3:20. I never thought I would want to run Boston....I never thought I would do an Ironman either. Aimee has been boosting my confidence, one of our friends just ran Boston and her race experience is exciting and my sister-in-law is moving to Boston.

Last night I was reading the latest issue of Running Times. One Letter to the Editor was about an article "Boston or Bust". The final paragraph of the letter spoke volumes to me. The author of the letter, Beth Deloria, suffers from permanent paralysis of the foot

Your photo, taken from behind (at Chicago Marathon), does not capture the tears of joy as I "won" the biggest race in my life (her qualifier for Boston). As Hennick states, the runners who qualify are "somewhere between Superman and everyman" and I believe myself to be the "everyman". To anyone, anywhere, who has ever dreamt of Boston I say this: Go for it -- your dreams just may come true. And in the mere quest of this challenge your life will change fantastically.

You can replace the word Boston with Ironman and the sentence still holds great truth. Find the similarities and be inspired.

When to Play

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BuckeyeRunner said...

EG....just read your Buzzard report. Totally impressed. You cranked a HUGE bike and a great race....great job.

Anonymous said...

Hi, from Beth Deloria-
I'm humbled that an IRONMAN has actually found any inspiration from my marathon story. I will be cheering you on for a sub 3:20 on September 30th!