Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Two for Tuesday - Going Mental

Are you prepared for the racing season. Swim volume up.....check. New running shoes.....check. Bike is tuned up with new tires......check. You are mentally prepared to put your best effort forward.......HUH? Practicing mental imagery of race day.......WHAT???

Yes mental preparation is the fifth, sixth, or seventh discipline we can employ during triathlon training along with nutrition, weight training, stretching, massage therapy, etc.

But mental preparation may be the easiest of the "extra" training techniques to actually perform. A couple of minutes a day, before bed, cutting the grass, in the shower, can help prepare you for a stellar day on the race course. I came across this article about positive self talk.....Mental Training: Positive Self-Talk

But my TfT is something old and something new. Two books.....One I recommend and one that I am going to buy.


Triathletes Guide to Mental Training
I read this book while preparing for Ironman USA and am about to re-read it for this season. I posted several times about sections of the book. I'll put labels on those posts so you can find them easily.

Future Reading:

Thinking Body, Dancing Mind: Tao sports for Extraordinary Performance in Athletics, Business and Life
This book looks very interesting as well as some of the other books by this author. If anyone has read the book please comment on it.

In body and mind....Game On.


Bolder said...

i've realized i could use some work on the mental aspect.

good rec.


Cliff Tam said...

Focus on mental toughness has the greatest return. Not only is it useful in endurance race but also in my whole life as well.

I read a lot of self help books over the days.and i think part of that help me shape the mental stage I am. I don't necessarily self talk but i do notice when I feel myself being negative and consciously switch to more positive thoughts.