Saturday, May 26, 2007

Message from Michigan

I wanted to share an e-mail I received today. It's too good to keep to myself.

From: Racing for Recovery Half Triathlon
To: TriEric
Subject: Upcoming race at Monroe, MI


Yesterday Madame Pelee was visiting Michigan in preparation for the triathlons on June 10th. She was looking at the bike course and trying to decide how to arrive best so she could mess with the athletes. We also talked about some of the athletes on the participant list. I told her of the large number of people coming from Ohio.

Madame Pelee recognized your name and quite frankly it made her nervous. She mentioned that her recent visits to Ohio have not dampened your spirit and she thinks you are becoming too strong on the bike. This morning over breakfast I recommended that she pay a quick visit to Cleveland and see what you were doing. She saw you riding and decided to throw some rain at you. Despite being two hours into your ride she saw you pushing harder during the rain. And what is this business about getting off the bike and running a 32 minute 5 miler?

When Madame Pelee returned to Michigan she became hesitant about her return on June 10th for the triathlon. What did you do to her? If you stay home on June 10th we can call it even.......Okay? You can get your Game On at another race.

Best Regards,
Racing for Recovery Triathlon Course

Needless to say I was a little confused by the e-mail. It's true that my bike has been on and the run has been clicking as well. My ride this morning was a little wet but I was able to run with my Coaches husband and all around awesome training partner/friend Scott at a 5 mile race.

But is that race course talking smack at me? Is it scared of what may happen on June 10th? Is the race providing me a "gimme" like a 6 inch putt on the golf course?

Well I don't take "gimmes". Never did on the golf course, won't take it on the race course.

Ummmm.......Racing for Recovery.......I'm gonna be Game On all over your course. Oh....and tell Madame Pelee to stay home......she doesn't need to waste her time coming back to Michigan.


IM Able said...

I just LOVE that you're doing RfR -- and a tad bit jealous. Ah, I've come to realize that Ohio of all places is a tri-mecca. Who ever knew?

Booyah...the game is SO ON.

JenC said...

You are welcome to scare her away all you want! I hope I helped it some small way with my 94-mile hilly, solo ride in the rain on Saturday. Game on!

DaisyDuc said...

Too funny! Michigan can keep her!

Lana said...

That is hilarious!! I love you thoughts on "gimmes". I have never taken them on the golf course just don't seem right!