Friday, October 26, 2007

Coming clean and race ready

It's time to come clean. I posted that Aimee is running the Grand Rapids Marathon (GRM) this weekend. That my marathon season is a bust, again. When we decided to run the GRM we made a conscious effort to stay under the radar. Drive in, run, drive out. If we have a good day.....great. If we have a bad day, mums the word.

Well I was handed a big plate of guilt when Aimee accused me of throwing her under the bus regarding GRM. "Sure, throw me out there and you keep on flying under the radar." That's what she said more or less.

So I have to come clean. I'm running......26.2 miles....this Sunday......and I'm so flippin' excited about it. I don't know how clean I've come because I may have lost my audience during my blog break but it still feels good to let it out.

My recovery has been great thanks to the help of Aimee, Angela and my acupuncturist. The three have helped my mental, training and physical recovery.

And this marathon is going to be fun. The race director keeps a blog and has a great sense of humor about the days leading up to the race. Check out the race website and click over to the blog.

I'm also excited about some possible blogger meet-ups. Vicki at Living and Tri-ing in River City and Great Lakes Running Gal.....L*I*S*A.

I don't know what will happen on Sunday. I'm trying to go in relaxed, confident and open. I've decided to NOT wear a watch or my heart rate monitor. I may still have some goals but fun and finishing is most important.

I leave you with this video. I picked it to be my Marathon anthem in July. Enjoy

GAME ON!!!!!!


BuckeyeRunner said...

Good luck on the race....and have fun! It will be nice to go run a race....meaning strip away all the other crap of time goals, heart rate, splits, pace, etc....and just run a smart race. I have only 'run' a few races like that...and they were some of my best....maybe my fastest, maybe not...but my best. You will rock it out.

Vickie said...

Well, coming out of the closet now, huh? I thought it was just Amy running. Can't wait to meet up. This will be a fun race. Love the Pink Floyd.

E-Speed said...

holy cow! Have fun! I wish this race was one week later. If it had been I so would have toed the line with ya!

TriSaraTops said...

Sending HUUUUUUGEEEEEEEE "good luck and kick some ass and have fun" thoughts to you and Aimee!

JenC said...

You know we wouldn't completely abandon you buddy!

Good luck to both you and Aimee! Rock on and game on!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! Good luck, we look forward to your race report.

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JenC said...

Congrats to you and Aimee! You both posted rock solid times! Did you BQ?

Wil said...

OK rock star, how'd it go!??