Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marathon Season - well almost

I know it's been a long time since I last posted. I'm still letting my leg recover and get better. A little frustrating since we are in the middle of marathon season. Aimee did her Wineglass Marathon September 30th. It wasn't the marathon she was hoping for. She was on track at 13.1 for a going sub-four hours and if she kept pace would have been close to a Boston time.

Unfortunately the wheels started to wobble a little, never fully came off, and the pace slowed. I mentioned it to her and she had already thought about it as well, back off the rest of the marathon, recover, taper and run another marathon. So Aimee's going for it again one month after Wineglass. I'll write details later.

So like I said we are in the middle of the marathon season. We tracked three friends at Chicago. Another friend is going Marine Corp this weekend. TriAl did Columbus Marathon. Akron Marathon, Towpath Marathon, Detroit Marathon.......so many races.

But I'm on injured reserves watching from my laptop. I'm excited as friends hit the pavement, hopefully not with their face, and go for goals. Whether those goals are time or finishing, they are wonderful goals to have.

I can't help but wonder what could have been. Next year I'm back to Ironman training. IM MOO on September 7, 2008. I'm excited about it. That marathon may have to wait until after IM. Maybe that elusive marathon won't ever happen. I'm fine with that. Maybe some day.

For those that are getting ready to run 26.2 this Game On is for you.

Toe the line with confidence in your training and preparation. Stick to your game plan and have a wonderful day.

Game On

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Vickie said...

Eric, thanks for stopping by my blog! Its great to also see you are a triathlete. Sorry about your injury, however that may have happened. I know full well what it is to be sidelined and not know when you can get back to doing what you enjoy so much. I will be doing the half on Sunday, also due to some injuries over the past year, but happy to be running! If you want to give me some idea when you might be around the expo, maybe we can meet up. I'll be looking for some other unknowns too.