Friday, March 20, 2009

Family and Friends Friday - Let's Have a Sleepover

Remember as a kid when you would have some friends over for the night? Staying up late. Watching movies. Eating pizza and getting wired on pop. Talking. Doing each others hair and nails....well maybe not for the guys.

Who said sleepovers are only for kids. I had one last night. I just woke up from one last night....or was it this morning?.....yesterday? Have I actually woken up? It's all a blur.

Last night........

TriEric: Okay time to go to bed.

All: Do we have to?

TE: Yes

All: But we aren't tired.

TE: But I am and it's a school/work night.

All: Puuuhhhhlease? We just want to talk.

TE: No. I have a meeting tomorrow morning and I'm not feeling well.

All: But...we never get to talk like this.

TE: GO.TO.BED. It's 10:00PM.

All: Okay.

Now I hear whispering, "He said go to bed, not go to sleep."

TE: What are you doing?

All: We are just talking?

TE: Stop it. It's almost midnight. Go to sleep.

All: Okay.

TE: Why are you still talking? I can hear you.

All: We can't go to sleep.

TE: It's 1:45 in the morning. I have to get up in like 3 hours.

All: Sorry....giggle, giggle, giggle.

TE: Good Lord. I can't take this.

I grab a book hoping that a little reading will quiet the voices and put me to sleep.

All: You have a runny nose.

TE: What?

All: You have a runny nose. Maybe you should do something about it.



TE: Go to sleep. It's late. Or is it early. What time is it?

All: We don't know.

TE: I must get some sleep.

All: Hey look. It's Ruby. I hear Snickers coming down the stairs also. YEAH! The doggies are up.

TE: Great, 5:30AM. Okay, everyone get up.

All: But we are tired.

TE: Then you should have left me alone and gone to sleep last night.


And that is how my night went. All of those little voices in my head just wouldn't SHUT THE F' UP! I could hear them talking about all sorts of things.

Tri training




Aimee and I talked about it and think the Sudafed I took last night may have done it to me. It was a non-drowsy formula, possibly laced with Red Bull. Oh well. I hope I can make it through my meetings today at the office, or is that what meetings are for....getting some sleep.


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