Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Two for Tuesday - Running Results

Today's post is in regards to the past two runs I have had. Saturday morning was a long steady run which capped off my recovery week. TriSaraTops came over to run with Aimee while I headed in the opposite direction. The goal was for 1 hour 45 minutes. After seeing the results I was very happy with the overall run. My heart rate was higher than last summer at the same pace but that leaves some room for good fitness gains.


Distance: 12.55 miles

Speed:7.4 mph

Pace:8' 08 /mi


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So today I rode my bike on the rollers for 1:15 in the morning. I wanted to wait for the day to warm up before I would make my decision about running. It didn't warm up that much but the wind did die down. The goal was to have a nice steady run. Nothing too hard. I was surprised with the results when I was done because it just didn't feel that fast. I love it when runs turn out that way.


Distance: 5.52 miles

Speed:7.9 mph

Pace:7' 35 /mi


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Cyndi said...

7:35/mi? WOW.

And 'it didn't feel that fast'...ha ha ha. Now THAT is funny (to me)!