Sunday, August 16, 2009

Caption Contest - The Prize

I have to tell ya. The PTMATBWF post has really generated a lot of interest. I got this e-mail message from someone commenting on my blog post. Apparently she has a product that I might like to try out.

Wait a minute. Was I reading this right? AMBP. Monkey Butt's. Is this serious? I hit the web site and read up on the product and to say the least I was intrigued.

So I've been chatting with the AMBP lady and I thought maybe I could help spread the word, and powder, through the caption contest. So guess what. The winner of the caption contest will be sent a package of AMBP to try for themselves.

Just look at all the great ways you can use this stuff.

I've been trying the stuff out myself and will be posting my own review probably next week. I don't typically suffer from monkey butt, however I do sweat like everyone else.

Don't forget to tell your friends about the caption contest. And the captions better be good. The surprise guest judge works for the add agency that came up with this video.

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