Friday, August 14, 2009

Musselman Recap and Season Review

I needed to provide a recap of Musselman. More for myself than anyone else simply because this has been my best season ever. My racing was/is top notch and I have managed to push myself harder than ever before. I have learned more about what I can do and my future potential.

At Musselman I hit the emotional rollercoaster of a difficult race and managed to keep it together and finish strong. Keeping my race under control and racing my own race allowed me to pass so many people during the second half of the run including 4 - 5 guys in my age group. After talking with Aimee and reading other race reports many people struggled at Musselman and learned alot from their experience.

I found Mary's race report on the web site of my former coach. It helped put the race in perspective.

Speaking of the race. Mussleman is a race that is a must do. It is very well organized and caters to the athletes. The RD, Jeff Henderson, knows what athletes need since he is a competitor himself.

I don't know if I will do this race in 2010. There are so many races to do I hate to repeat Mussleman, but don't be surprised if I do show up.....for the DoubleMussel again.

Season Recap:

After Musselman Aimee and I have pretty much shut things down. August is a very busy month for us, especially me at work.

My race season started very early at the Triple T so my cycle is pretty much over. The competitive spirit just isn't there right now. We have volunteered at a local race. Helped others with their triathlon training. Enjoyed the downtime and reduction in training.

So what have I done this season?

Catch a Leprechan 15K.... 3rd in age group

Hinkley Duathlon....3rd in age group

Triple T where I had a very solid Ironman-like performance. I think I'm going to train to be more competitive next year.

Nordonia Duathlon which was too close to Triple T and I tanked on the second run....fourth in AG

Park to Park Half Marathon which was a fun training run.

The Dam Tri.....a huge effort that resulted in an age group win.

Twin Sizzler 10k.....sub 40 minute effort and 3rd in age group

Double Mussel.....Sprint win in the age group and a 5 hour finish in the half IM.

Yeah......I'm very happy with these results. Time to recover and rebuild the competitive fire for later this year and 2010. I just may get into another race here or there. Will definitely be fun.

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