Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Photos - Week 4

1/22/10 - Aimee and I went to Wal-Mart for some quick shopping. Yeah....another fun filled Friday night. I was on a roll and was cracking myself up. She didn't appreciate my stupid humor and walked away. I was looking for "the people of Walmart".

1/23/10 - The temperature got above 40 degrees so I got out the road bike and bundled up for a ride. I managed to get in 46 miles that day. It was the most glorious winter ride.

1/24/10 - We celebrated my father-in-laws birthday at my sis-in-laws place. Her fiance has this photo of his grandfathers or great-grandfathers hardware store. They are going to mount it on the wall.

1/25/10 - Yep. I was traveling again for work. Cold and windy. Three trips in January that involved staying in a hotel. Racking up those points.

1/26/10 - It was a short trip. Back at the airport picking up my car.

1/27/10 - Here is Ruby sharing her toy with Snickers. They play well together.

1/28/10 - There are times when I feel like the mouse. This little guy was going nuts at the pet store.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I replied to your email, I havent heard back yet. You still coming down? Still want to have dinner? I am game, I was thinking either Texas Roadhouse or Mellow Mushroom Pizza, unless there is a favorite place down here you want to goto.
Let me know

Christi said...

Love the winter riding pic! I need to get out there and do that myself!