Saturday, January 30, 2010


Back in October Aimee and I attended a Crossfit workout with one of our friends. I wrote about it as a "Moment of Weakness".

I have really been enjoying the workouts. I have been pushing myself pretty hard during these training sessions. This past Wednesday the workout left my arms heavy from the rowing (2000 meters), squats (50) and pullups (160). Two days later the soreness in my biceps prevents me from straightening my arms. I need to work on my pullups some more.

So it urns out we knew a couple other people who were working out at the Crossfit gym as well. A fellow triathlete and someone Aimee used to work with.

Christine is the person Aimee used to work with and I see her at the gym on occasion. She is fully into Crossfit and you can read her story on the Crossfit Cleveland website. I love seeing how strength training can make a difference in a persons life. Increasing the metabolism, increasing strength and stamina, building confidence.

Bill and Stacy own Crossfit Cleveland and they take a no-nonsense approach to the WODs (Workout Of the Day). There is no f'in around during the WOD. He continually tells you to stay the hell out of the way when others are working hard. This mentality allows me to focus hard on my efforts and give it my all.

Love the video Bill made.

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