Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Workout Music

Damn-it....I almost did it again. What did my previous post talk about? Sitting here with a blank page in front of me I almost forgot what I wanted to say.

So during my travels for work I need to find some way to workout. A majority of hotels have "fitness centers" that have much to be desired. Last week I worked out in a room with two crappy treadmills and a cable machine. It was very hot but I got the workout done anyways.

This week the treadmills are better but there is no method of performing weight training. So I checked the Crossfit Cleveland WOD list and pick, modify and perform a workout.

I warmed up with some lunge stretches jumping jacks and leg swings.

The workout I created was a modification from Mondays Dirty Dozen.

12 pushups
12 squats
12 pulls on the rower, max effort

12 rounds, for time

Since I don't have a rowing machine in my hotel room I opted for dips on the side of a chair.

My workout was

12 pushups
12 squats
12 dips

12 rounds, for time

Cool.....looks like a good workout. Only problem was I wasn't getting into it. I opened up my laptop to play some music. I selected the Blue Man Group. It's good stuff. Only problem was thta the music wasn't very motivating. After 4 rounds I couldn't take it anymore.

I changed it out to some Prodigy instead and everything started to click. I completed my 12 rounds just seconds above 20 minutes. Very happy with the workout.

Workout Music experiment completed.

Game On.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

One of the great things about crossfit, alot of the time, you dont even need any equipment.

John said...

Try this site when travelling:


You can get a one-day pass to decent gyms/clubs while you are on the road with only a little advance planning!