Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Photos - Week 11

Sometimes I have more photos than I know what to do with. I can't quite find a favorite from a particular day. This week I have some special click-thru pics. When the words *clic-thru* appear, click on the picture and see the special secondary picture behind it......enjoy.

3/12/10 - I picked up some new running shoes. I went back to Mizuno Inspires. I happened to have some Yankz that matched the color scheme of the shoes. Unfortunately they are the color of a competing multi-sport team in the area. Oh well.

3/13/10 - Another working weekend. The guys I was working with had various NCAA tournaments on during the day. So we set up shop outside the computer room in this conference room with a nice TV.

3/14/10 - You should be accustomed by now to the morning picture from my hotel room when I travel for work.


3/15/10 - Dinner with family Monday night resulted in three bottles of wine being consumed.

3/16/10 - Snickers is 12.5 years old. He's been sleeping a lot lately. I hate to say it but most of the time I have to pause and make sure he's still breathing. He's a good boy.


3/17/10 - St. Patrick's Day. It's a non-event for us. But we did brave the surrounding neighborhoods for a quick bike ride. We avoided the roads due to the potential of intoxicated drivers.


3/18/10 - After my post yesterday I couldn't believe the toy I found in my Happy Meal from lunch. I must now follow the Force.

I have to offer two responses from yesterdays post.

MissFit Island: Fear is the path to the starting line. Fear leads to Fitness. Fitness leads to Confidence. Confidence leads to the finish line.

Big Daddy Diesel: Slow Yoda vs. New Yoda. Don't forget the "first" 3 movies Episodes 1 - 3 were a younger Yoda kicking some ass. The second set of movies, first to come out..Episodes 4 - 6, were an older Yoda by approximately 20 years. Luke was born at the end of Episode 3 and Episode 4 picks him up in his 20's. I'd be moving slow like Yoda too.

So to answer your question......Yoda kicks matter how young or old he is.

Game On


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I freaking love yankz, I think I have forgotten how to tie my shoes

Christi said...

Okay, I love the new and improved fear quote. That totally rocks! I bow to you Iron-Yoda!

MissFit Island said...


Yoda rocks!

I'm going to buy a happy meal today just to get a Yoda!