Saturday, March 06, 2010

SnakeBite Kit History

I received my SnakeBite Racing kit today. Now I have been a member of SBR (SnakeBite Racing) since the team was formed. There are only a couple of us originals left.

Over the course of 9 years we have had four distinctive kits. I wanted to provide you with a history of the SBR kit.

Kit #1
We had these kits for two years, if I remember correctly. Only cycling kits, no multi-sport. The colors stood out in the peleton and they were unique compared to other teams. The clothing line is Louis Garneau.

Kit #2:
This was the first major redesign of the uniform. We changed vendors to Voler and we couldn't get the baby blue anymore but we had access to tri-gear. We also felt that non-custom shorts would provide some flexibility for choice since comfort is quite important with shorts.

Kit #3:
The team members who designed these kits were going for a block color style that many pro teams were doing. We went back to logo'd shorts again. These kits really made us stand out. People could spot us from a ways out and knew it was Snakebite. Aimee could pick me out of the crowd during a triathlon.

Kit #4:
This is the new uniform for Snakebite Racing. We changed vendors again to Champ-Sys. They have a larger selection of items, specifically casual wear and running gear. It will be interesting to see how visible we are on course. The colors are a combination of everything over the years.

I added a poll on the side bar so you can vote on your favorite kit. Please leave comments also.

Game On.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

i like kit 3

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

i will try to put together a lake effect version of this.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Awesome! I think I'm partial to #3 as well!

triguyjt said...

Whats up Big E...???
hope all is well...
say hi to the Snow Queen for me.

JimmyNick said...
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JimmyNick said...

Since you asked ... The previous kits (No. 3) were far more distinctive, from the color scheme to the cobra head.
Good luck this year, Eric -- and all of SBR!

Amy Walling said...

Kit #3. LOVE how the snakes head is!

FastKenny said...

I'm just impressed that today (kit #4) you look as young as you did in the beginning 9 years ago (kit #1) LOL!

I was proud to debut the team kit on Sunday and bring home a little hardware for us...

My only "gripe" is that the trisuit has NO POCKETS! I asked about that before ordering, too... gotta figure that out!