Thursday, March 11, 2010

A milestone and.....puking

It has taken me way too long to reach this milestone. Blogger is telling me that this is my 500th post. How accurate is this number? No very. I think it includes those that are in draft mode.

Regardless it has taken 4 years and 2 months to get here. My first post was on 12/31/05 as I began my preparation for IM USA in '06. A lot has happened over the past four years.

So welcome to 500.

On another note I am bringing attention to Big Daddy Diesel and his Pukie Awards.

It helped me remember my race at the Baltimore Half Marathon in 2006 when I "even felt like throwing up a couple of times, once with puke in my throat" during the final two miles of the race. Good times....good times.

Lately it's been Cleveland Crossfit making me feel like puking. It's a good feeling for sure.

So for Big Daddy I am nominating Bree Wee for a pukie. I first heard about her mis-hap on Facebook and then saw her blog post. Way to go girl.

Have a great weekend people.

Game On.


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Christi said...

My hubbie insists that if I want to get better at running I have to puke. I guess he is right?!