Friday, July 22, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Hot, hot, hot. Is there anyone out there that isn't dealing with high temperatures right now. Maybe Christi has some cooler weather in Colorado.

Snickers and Ruby are dealing with the heat as best they can. Snickers is almost 14 years old and Ruby is a young 8+ years old.

Being older Snickers sleeps a lot and gets back inside as soon as possible. Then he pants for a long time cooling off.

Ruby can tolerate the heat better and enjoys the outdoors. She even suns herself on the driveway.

Click the picture for a close up of Ruby

Stay cool my friends.


Christi said...

We have had some hot weather here but for us hot is in the 90s. We have had rain almost every day so then it will cool it down. Sorry!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Hell called, they want their weather back

I moved out of Arizona to escape this heat!!!

Avery Simek said...

He/she looks half-baked in that cement! With all that fur, you'd wonder how they managed through the hottest day of summer. But if not a cool bath, then maybe staying in a cool room would give them comfort.

DarrenGersol said...

LOL @ Avery's half-baked thing! It's really cool when you see these dogs play outdoors during summertime. It's amazing how they can keep up despite the extreme heat. :D

[Darren Gersol]