Thursday, July 21, 2011

Race Weekend

Yes my friends....race weekend is fast approaching. On Sunday I will be racing the NCN Huntington Tri/Du. This will be my first race post surgery. My knee has been feeling good. My cycling is pretty strong. My swim is okay.

I am preparing myself for the pain which is expected for a sprint tri. One mental trick I use is to remember that it is only one hour of intense racing. This is in contract to Ironman Lake Placid which is also on Sunday.

I have many friends who will be racing in Lake Placid. Some will crush the course, some will survive, some will complete their first IM. Thinking of them will push me during my own race.

Aimee and I love Lake Placid and had two great years at the race in '06 and '07.

In 2006 this was my bike.

I rented the ZIPP 404s and I feel they made a difference for the race.

This is my current bike with the Flashpoint 60's. This bike got me through Ironman Wisconsin. I could have some fun at Lake Placid with this bike. The long downhill into Keane is a blast.

So good luck to all my friends this weekend. Whether you are racing sprint or Ironman.

Game On.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its good to hear you get to race again. I will up there on Saturday for the CTC/REV3 clinic

Good luck

Christi said...

Have a great race Eric! I look forward to hearing about how it goes!

Virtual cheers are coming your way from Colorado!

Brandy said...

Have fun Eric!!! That's such a fun tri!

We rode Keene today - I went down twice. Went over 50mph - SO FUN!!!! :)