Friday, February 03, 2012


I'm sure you have heard before, "No man is an island."  And quite frankly I don't know why someone would want to live that way. Isolated and not sharing their experiences with anyone? 

That's not for me. 

And that is where Community comes in.  Community comes in many flavors, styles, interests.  And with the ability to have a presence on the internet with portals like blogging, webcasts, forums, etc. the community is that much bigger.

Admittedly my "communities" are primarily sports related.  Running, cycling, triathlon, Crossfit.  Even trail running is a sub-set of the running community.

I have made a lot of acquaintances and friends this way, and they don't necessarily cross groups either.

And these communities often lead me to other interests as well.  I'm trying to branch off into photography and am enjoying learning about the breadth of this art form.

Community has played a big part of my week.  I was traveling to Dallas, TX for work and realized that I had contacts in the city.  Natalie is a teammate on Snakebite and Dan was originally from Coca Crossfit.

I joined Natalie and her friends at the movies.  We watched Bicycle Dreams on the big screen and I came away in awe of these people.  It was nice to spend time with a friend and not alone in a hotel room.

I also joined Dan for two workouts at Crossfit 214.  It was nice to go into the gym, see the workout, and know what to do.  Crossfit is definitely universal.  The coaches and people are supportive and allow me to drain my body during a workout.  I left some sweat on the floor during this mornings WOD.

I'm fortunate to be a part of these communities and have some great friends to share my experiences with. 


Christi said...

Our community is great and large. I love meeting up with others.

~ Bill said...

Great comraderie! Keep up the good work and networking.