Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's Time To Spend Some Cash

I'm not spending the cash.  YOU ARE!!!

And not on yourself.  Instead you get to hear about me doing crazy shit and then you send money to Girls With Sole, my charity for 2012.

At the beginning of the year I said I would be asking for dollars.  Now that the Christmas bills are paid and you planned accordingly to get a refund from the IRS you can help me out.

Originally I was going to swim the Cleveland Tri Club's "Big Swim Challenge" where I would do 100 yards 100 times = 10,000 yards.  Well that didn't pan out because of work.

So instead I have two events coming up that offer some ways to make alternative contributions.

Event #1 = 45,000 meter row, 2/26/12

I turn 45 at the end of February.  
On February 26th I will row 45,000 meters.  
All at one time with minimal breaks for my sorry tush.  I estimate it will take me about 4.5 hours to complete.

Event #2 = 2nd Annual GWS Swim-A-Thon, 3/4/12

The swim-a-thon lasts 2 hours.  I want to see how many yards I can swim during that time.  Last year I did 10,000 yards but that takes almost 3 hours.  This time I am going to push myself a little harder to see how far I can go.

For each of these events I don't want any "standard" contribution.  I want you to have fun as well.

Think outside the box for you contribution.

One dollar for each 1,000 meters rowed = $45
$.50 for each 1,000 meters = $22.50
$.25 per 1,000 meters = $11.25
Make a donation for how long it takes me.

Now this is an unknown, except for the time.
How about 1, 2 or 3 dollars per 100 yards...or per 1000 yards.
The fun part is that we don't know what the amounts will be.  I will be pushing myself to get the most yardage possible to get the biggest contributions.

So who is with me on this one?  Last year we raised $1164.99.  How much can we add to this total?

I don't need you to visit my donation site just yet.  

You need to hear how well I do at each event.

Maybe my body will shut down and I can't reach 45,000 meters on the rower.

Maybe my arms will give out during the swim and my yardage will be lower than expected.

It's a gamble.  A gamble I'm willing to take.  Wouldn't you rather gamble on me instead of a sporting event?

Game On.


Trisaratops said...


I'm hoping to make the Swim A Thon, too! Ran into Harlan at the pool the other day. :) I'm so out of swim shape though so I won't go nearly as far as you, but either way I'll contribute something to one of your crazy ass events ;)

Beth Darmstadter said...

I will definitely contribute Eric. I love when one can combine exercise with supporting a great cause like GWS! Beth Darmstadter

Christi said...

Count me in for a donation!

Blue said...

I'll be there swimming with you and I'll donate $100 ;) It's a grrrrrreat cause!