Friday, March 10, 2006

Family and Friends Friday - Going to the Dogs

This installment will handle all of the individuals living in the house. The two crazy dogs are Snickers and Ruby. Both are Brittany's, a spaniel breed, and are very active, enjoy running, being outdoors and sleeping on our bed.

Snickers (male) will be 9 years old in October, he was born on Halloween (sometimes he seems a little obsessed). Called the runt of the litter, he is a solid 60-65 lbs. Breed standard is 35-40 lbs. so people are always asking us if he is a Brittany. He's very loving and gets excited when we put our running shoes on. Sometimes when I have my cycling gear on he thinks he can go along is a raring to go. Snickers loves to play ball in the yard and will play with anyone who comes into the yard; neighbor kids, family, service people.....anyone.

Ruby (female) we are not so sure of. We acquired ruby 1.5 years ago as a rescue from a local group. She is actually smaller than breed standard, 30-35 lbs. Her spastic nature keeps us entertained constantly with her excited little dance when she wants to go outside. She has learned how to run with us also. Her innocent little face can be misleading because if we leave the crates unlocked she will drag the bed out, up from the basement and into the family room where she will tear out the stuffing. If we don't crate them for a small outing we make sure the crate is locked.

The two of them will sometimes play tug together and run around the yard after birds and little critters, hey they are hunting dogs.

Next week more of Team IM Eric.

This picture is after a 1 mile Doggie Dash. Snickers and I took 1st overall.


TriSaraTops said...

Sooooooooooo cute!!!!! Great pics!!!! Wish I could run with Mugsy. I guess the whole Pugs-don't-really-have-nasal-cavities-thing gets in the way. hee hee :)

BuckeyeRunner said...

What a cute pic! Your doggie is fast! My Sophie is quite the runner, too!

Bolder said...

dude, you name your dogs Ruby and Snickers -- you are on your own with any crazy...

Sam and Toby... those are non-crazy dogs...

great pics though! thanks for sharin'... i'm just jealous.

keep the family and friends fridays comin' -- you've got mucho to be thankful for, and should shout it out.