Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Two for Tuesday - Tri Gear for the Feet


There are lots of shoe lace replacements out there for triathletes but I am sold on Yankz. Each time I buy a pair of new running shoes I put in some Yankz. Once I dial in the tension my feet are comfortable and I can just slip the shoes on and off. So don't waste time in T1 or T2, get some elastic laces for your shoes.

DeFeet Socks

These are some of the best and funnest socks around. I train and race in nothing but DeFeet socks. The thin layer let's me slip my foot into my shoes with no problems while also moving moisture away from my sweaty feet.

Short and sweet but that's how I like my transitions.

TfT, Game On.


Bolder said...

Roman showed off his Yankz... where do you get 'em?

Need some DeFeet too.

E-Speed said...

I used to have these great curly laces in high school on all my spikes. My shoe laces are forever coming untied. Maybe I should check out these yankz. Right now I am just using those lace lock thingies.

TriSaraTops said...

I heart Yankz! :)

Cliff said...

Gotta get yankz.

I have a pair of defeet socks for cycling...they are great.

qcmier said...

I use velcro baby!!! Not as sexy, but every bit as functional.

Papa Louie said...

I have Yankz on my racing flats and love them.

trifrog said...

I am currently wearing a set of NB lace locks that seemed nearly useless at first. The spring-loaded locks are not tight enough to actually hold the laces snug where I place it. It simply loosens as my foot flexes and moves. I had to tie a knot with the lace ends to keep them from slipping all the way through.

At first this was simply annoying because your laces are supposed to be snug, right? That's what I've always presumed. But I run in the shoes anyway even with the lace lock loosening to nearly the end of the lace and there really doesn't seem to be any problems or difference to my feet, ankles, foot placement, slippage, anything. In fact, the shoes seem much more comfortable as loose as possible without falling off. Anyway, that will make slipping them on in transition that much easier in the future.

9sec T2 - Game On, Eric - of course you'll probably be several minutes ahead of me during T2 ;)

Keryn said...

Okay...I'm going shopping tonight! Thanks for the tips!

My laces always seem to long and end up getting stepped on and untied. Yankz sound like the perfect solution!

And who doesn't love socks that wick away sweat? I have yet to find a good pair of socks to run in. These may be the ticket! Thanks!