Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Two for Tuesday - Buffet(t) Style

While swimming this morning in the pool I was flanked by two female sharks, one of which was TriSaraTops. I had fins to the left and fins to the right, so therein lies the inspiration for todays Two for Tuesday.

Jimmy Buffett:

  • Born December 25, 1949
  • Has a college degree in journalism
  • Originally started his signing career as a country artist
  • He has donated $500,000 to Hurricane Katrina relief so far


  • A meal at which guests serve themselves from various dishes displayed on a table or sideboard
  • the modern buffet was developed in France in the 18th century
  • The "all you can eat" buffet has been ascribed to Herb Macdonald, a Las Vegas hotel manager who introduced the idea in 1946
  • In the United States, HomeTown Buffet is a large buffet chain, and part of the larger Buffet Inc. corporation, and also owns "Old Country Buffet", "Country Buffet", and "Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse".

I would imagine that most of us fun loving triathletes enjoy a good Buffett concert like everyone else. However, the last real buffet I ate at was in Las Vegas, juts because it was the thing to do.

Speaking of food, take two and read me in the morning. What's Cooking Wednesday is in draft.


TriSaraTops said...

Parrotheads, UNITE! :) I've been to waaayyy to many Buffett concerts...but seem to have a hard time remembering them....ha ha

You looked strong in the pool today!! I only had 2000 to do, which felt so odd!!!

qcmier said...

mmm, food.... can't wait...