Friday, March 31, 2006

Family & Friends Friday - Bro

I have one sibling in my family, my brother Rob. Seven years older than I, we were never that close growing up being so far apart in age. I was the jock and he was the artist/performer. He participated in the band, choir, and theater. I did sports; baseball, basketball, soccer and track.

I always enjoyed hearing him sing or act. It provided a well rounded environment for me and I was proud of what he was doing. Since high school he has always had a great voice despite no formal training except in school. If American Idol had been around back then I'm sure he would have tried it. After college he started into community theater where he quickly made a name for himself as first a performer, then a director. The theater crowd is very different. Getting to know his friends has been very entertaining, with their off stage antics and dramatic flair for everyday life.

Even though he is not athletic in the sense of what I do, he exercises and stays in shape. For myself this blog is currently my creative release, and an occasional stab at Karaoke.

Rob is a corporate trainer for an international law firm headquartered in Cleveland. His work schedule has had him traveling around the world training different offices in the use of computer systems and applications. This summer he may be out of town during Ironman USA but he has contributed to my Janus Charity Challenge fund raising.

We are typical siblings. Growing up we called each other names. Fought occasionally but finally found ourselves on even ground when we both settled down with our lives. We are both very busy and find it hard to connect, but the time we do manage to get together for an occasional lunch or family gathering we have a great time.


E-Speed said...

My mom was very involved in community theater when I was young. I loved hanging out with the theater crowd, so much fun!

I feel the same way about my sis, we used to be really catty but now I think we have a mutual love and respect for one another.

TriSaraTops said...

Cute picture! That's cool how you guys are the yin to the other's yang.

trifrog said...

I see you've managed to finally work off that baby fat <;-)

Rob, Eric's brother said...

Well, Mom told me today you were writing a blog. I just didn't expect to see a picture of ME when I clicked the hyperlink!!!!

Sure, you list all our differences, but how about the similarities? We both love to cook, we're both incredibly good looking, we're......I'll stop with that one.

Knowing you have a blog, I now have a new way to start my day! As I'm sucking down my morning java, I'll read in amazement that you've already been awake for 4 hours AND had more physical activity in that time than the average American gets in a month.

And here I was feeling good about my daily gym visits. Speaking of which, have you tried Yoga to help in your stretching????