Sunday, March 19, 2006


For those of you that can decipher the title and were affected by the blogger problems this past week, you know what I mean.

At first I thought it was my internet connection or perhaps a virus/spyware was impacting my laptop. But I could browse around the rest of the internet. I was surprised how pissed off I was getting because I couldn't post my blogs. I had two in draft already and I couldn't complete or post them. I want to keep on providing interesting reading for anyone who visits my blog and having a big gap is not a good thing.

So I am finally back on line. I have or will be backfilling my posts for the past week.

Kudos to the guys at Blogger for working hard to get the file servers fixed and operational. Being a computer guy myself I know what a pain those computers can be.

Game on!


TriSaraTops said...

hee hee

Is that bad that I immediately knew what all those letters stood for?

I've been hanging around high schoolers too much......:)

qcmier said...


Curly Su said...

yeah blogger was an absolute asshole last week. it seemed to only effect my favorites...grrr...glad you're back...

Bolder said...

i was on the affected file server too...

so, i had no problem deciphering... see if you can decipher this: