Sunday, July 30, 2006

Don't sacrifice your gift

And boy did it ever count this year. When I decided to do Ironman USA I was drawn to the Janus Charity Challenge. I had wanted to do Team in Training but the schedules never worked out. But TriSaraTops did manage to link up with TNT for her Ironman, check her out.

Regardless I had several friends who would inspire me to raise money as part of JCC. I chose the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation as my charity. I initially set a goal of $5,000 to be raised by race day. As my training and fund raising efforts progressed I watched the dollar amount climb closer and closer to my goal.

At the same time I was receiving names of people who were battling cancer, had battled and beaten cancer, or had fought cancer only to succumb at the end. Each name was carried with me in my heart. I especially carried the two names (Tina Hoban and Chris Armstrong) that started my efforts under the brim of my running hat. I placed them so I could read their names whenever I looked up. During the second half of my marathon I needed the strength and energy to continue.

As my fund raising came to a close I had a final total of $6,155. Janus Investments also contributes to the various charities based upon the final totals. I fell in a group of 25 JCC Athletes that would receive an additional $750 for their charity. That would bring my grand total for the Komen Foundation to $6,905. I am so thrilled to have exceeded my original goal.

Two other benefits of being a JCC athlete. My low bib number, 71, was secured thru JCC. Each JCC athlete had a low number that also had a different color background. That was awesome.

I also received a tri top. It's a cool top and I love the saying on it......Men of Iron, Hearts of Gold. I rode this morning with my new top that I'm proud to be wearing.

One of my most favorite quotes is from Steve Prefontaine.....

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift."

I gave my best this year to Ironman and Komen. What a wonderful gift it has been to give and receive.

Find your gift and give your best to share it.

Peace and love to all my friends out there.

P.S. I'll start posting my race report tomorrow. Thanks for waiting patiently.


TriSaraTops said...

Amazing! You are such an inspiration--what a tremendous amount of money you raised for such a great cause. I hope you don't mind that I totally stole your idea about taking names with me on IM day....:) I think that's gotta be a real powerful motivator when things get tough--and it sure worked for you, huh?

Great job on giving back so much during your IM Journey!!!!

Cliff said...


just saw the video..u look so strong running to the end :)

Lana said...

That Pre quote is my favorite quote in the whole world!!!!