Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Ironman Gorilla

My friend Rob ReddyToTri posted a quote right before his day at IM CdA.....

"Ironman is like wrestling a Gorilla - you don't stop when you are tired - you stop when the Gorilla is tired"

This quote popped into my head this morning during my run. You see I started my taper for IM USA Wednesday so I have time to think about what is ahead of me. This huge race that I have been training for the last 6 months to complete. I've seen the gorilla on some of my training rides. He may have been blowing hot air in my face or riding in the child seat while I climbed hills. There were times I thought I was carrying that gorilla on my back during a run or pulling him along on a float during my swims. But no matter what I wouldn't let the gorilla beat me down. In fact I've enjoyed accomplishing some of the hardest work-outs I've ever endured.

So come Ironman Day, I will be treating this giant beast with the respect and dignity it deserves. I will let him draft off me on the swim. I will pull him up the hills. I will push him in a stroller on the run course if I have to. But I know he won't be happy when I dump him off as I enter the finishing chute.

But I'll come back to him, rub his belly, give him some food and he will take a nap, because you don't mess with an Ironman.

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qcmier said...

Maybe next time I should try training with a child carrier.

Happy taper!!!