Saturday, July 15, 2006

Weapons of Choice

I finally have my arsenal complete for IM USA, these are my Weapons of Choice.

On the swim I will be wearing my trusty QR wetsuit.

Sleeveless for good arm movement and enough bouyancy to help give me that extra little edge. Last night I did an open water swim in Lake Erie without my wetsuit, yes it was that warm, and I felt great. I had a strong swim without wetsuit.

For the bike portion I will be riding my trusty Elite bike. I rented a pair of Zipp 404 wheels from RaceDayWheels to add the finishing touch. I rode on them this morning and they felt great. This is the bike that I have spent over 150 hours on totaling over 1,981 miles. Coach Hodska looked at me on the bike to make sure there were no adjustments to make, he said I was good to go with no changes. I knew it felt right.

For the run I will have on my feet the Mizuno Inspire. I have raced/trained in Mizuno for the past 4 years and these shoes work so well for me. I will also be sporting a FuelBelt to carry Enduralytes and water.


Bolder said...

you are def dialed-in, locked and loaded.

Dante said...

Ahhh, the trusty Mizuno Inspires, I LOVE those shoes.

Cliff said...

Tri Eric (soon to be IM Eric),

Did u build the wooden contraption to place your front wheel??