Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I wear every day.....

A Facebook friend posted the title on his wall this morning. He was referring to his LiveStrong bracelet. Unfortunately this little reminder was caused by a cycling friend of his who has been admitted to the hospital with advanced cancer.

I thought about my LiveStrong bracelet and when I first started wearing it. Our friend Tina had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I started to wear it in support of her (she is fully recovered now). That was in 2006. I have worn my yellow wristband ever since. I have added a black band and they complement each other.

The Yellow helps me remember those that are fighting or have fought cancer.

The Black tells me that no matter how hard I feel something is, it will never come close to what it's like to do battle with a potentially fatal disease.

Game On


Christi said...

I haven't worn my Livestrong braclet in awhile. I should probably put it back on so I do remember all those who are suffering on a daily basis! Thanks for the reminder!

Janet Edwards said...

I wear my yellow and pink HTFU everyday and they both inspire me! It has been a long time now and I am not sure when I will ever retire them. Although often, the pink one gets me in trouble!